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A little about Algorithmi

Small description of some features of Algorithmi.

Algorithmi, is an application to help learn to program, as well as to overcome the barriers of languages that concern it. This application provides a software that allows you to view the same in several languages, such as programming in both flowchart and text mode. This makes programming teaching easier for those who are learning, as well as for teachers who evaluate the student through the application, thus making the process easier for everyone.

Our application will have a highlight element, allowing the person to be able to program in Portuguese of Portugal, or even any other language and also allowing at any moment to change the language in which it is being programmed by automatically changing the algorithm for that same language.

With this application we intend to promote programming teaching in a more intuitive and attractive way, since the application consists not in teaching programming but rather focusing on learning algorithms and to give basic tools to those who are learning to aply their knowledge in different programming languages.


Algorithmi changes over time




Developed in JAVA so that it can be used in any operating system !!

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Pessoas que ajudaram a criar o Algoritmi

António MansoCoordinator
Célio MarquesCoordinator
Paulo SantosCoordinator
Raquel GuedesProgrammer
Luís LopesProgrammer

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